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EZ-Tune Punchdown Tool


  • Infinitely adjustable impact forces ensures optimal termination, maximizing system headroom while reducing equipment failures and increasing performance.
  • Set everey tool to the equipment manufacturers impact specifications instead of traditional tool manufacturer default.
  • Assure a production floor level of quality control in a field environment.
  • Seat wire in the sweet spot of the contact for maximum system headroom.


The new EZ-Tune Punchdown Tool is designed to fine tune the impact forces to optimize terminations and improve system performance, especially in sensitive Cat 6 environments. Helps reduce damage to circuits. Turn the wheel to set the tool to the desired impact force and lock in place with the supplied hex key.



110 EZ-Data Blade®


  • Lower cost, replace just the cutting knives, not the complete blade.
  • Beveled cutting edge.
  • Faster, cleaner termination.
  • Less stress on sensitive circuitry.


The new, patented, 110 EZ-Data Blade® provides a new level of performance when punching down 110 style cross connect blocks and keystone jacks. It features a precision ground, replaceable cutting knife manufactured from medical grade stainless steel.


The sharper cutting profile of this knife provides the technician with a far better wire cut than the traditional "chisel" style cut of other blades. Start every job with a new cutting knife for faster and better terminations. Knives are easily replaceable with a standard phillips screwdriver.


Applications: 110 Style cross connect blocks, 110 Style keystone jacks.



Punchdown Tool Extension


  • Use in enclosures with stacked or layered modules.
  • Use in tight/over-crowded work areas.
  • Compatible with all industry standard tools using the Bayonet style (twist & lock) blade retention socket.


The Punchdown Tool Extension is designed to extend the reach of your punchdown tool, improving access and visibility when working in a recessed box or densely stacked cross connect block environment. Rugged, all steel, easy to use design. Gang two extensions together to double the length!



Opti-E Punchdown Tool


  • Bayonet style (twist & lock) blade retention socket is compatible with industry standard blades.
  • 110, 66, 630, Krone & BIX style interchangeable blades.
  • Adjustable force settings can be precisely controlled.
  • Will not damage sensitive circuitry.


The innovative Opti-E Punchdown Tool is designed to optimize the force applied to the termination by way of electronics. The internal electronics, powered by a nine volt battery, are designed to let the technician know by both a LED and a beep tone that the selected set force has been reached. The force is selected by turning the force selector wheel on the front of the tool. The Opti-E has no impact. It is a smooth, nonaggressive method of punching down reducing damage to sensitive circuitry. End result? A perfect termination every time. This type of design, referred to by some as the soft punch, also reduces the potential of repetitive stress injuries.



110 Non-Impact Tool w/110 EZ-Data Cut Blade


  • Lower cost, replace just the cutting knife.
  • Faster, cleaner terminations.
  • Use on 110 style keystone blocks & jacks.


This economical tool now includes the new, patented 110 EZ-Data Cut Blade for a new level of performance. It features a precision ground, replaceable cutting knife with a beveled cutting edge for faster, cleaner terminations.


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